Rhi Lomax

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Born to a dad with a huge love of being an audience member I was lucky to be raised on a healthy diet of theatre shows, stand-up, circus and dance.


I soon discovered that the magic of live performance is contagious and I joined the local youth theatre, then moved on to join various amateur theatre companies whilst studying for my BTEC in Performing Arts. I also attended a lot of festivals and music nights and this was where I discovered and started to teach myself poi, as well as dabbling in other circus-style manipulations.


Poi was my first and true love and there followed many years where I could always be relied upon to have at least one set of poi about my person at all times, just in case a moment to spin presented itself! I span poi in clubs, around fires, in parks, in the street - wherever there was space and some time to burn (pun intended). I landed a few official gigs performing fire and/or glow poi on stage and at music nights in Bristol but I mostly just did it for my own love of spinning. As I met more circusy people I was recommended and started to attend odd classes at Circomedia - first in manipulations and then after a week long circus intensive, in Trapeze. Life got in the way though as it sometimes does and it wasn't until I moved to Cornwall in 2014 and began regular aerial classes with Circus Naomi that I truly got bitten by the bug.


I performed my first public static trapeze performance at Blissfields festival 2016 and at the end of that summer was offered to join with my favourite aerial ladies to form the collaboration Airfish Aerial Arts - how could I refuse?! So here we are at present day! I still spin poi when the opportunity arises but aerial, specifically trapeze, has taken over as my new favourite thing to do whenever possible. I love to learn it, to teach it and to perform it and am now looking forward to sharing trapeze with even more people through AAA.


So, come on down and join the circus! 


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